Friday, October 25, 2013

~Poeception Arts Studio Takes Flight~


Having made the promise to myself, that this would be my year I put myself out there in the ART WORLD! I didn't realize that when I said " This year Poception Arts Studio will see more of my creativeness" That it would not exactly be just my mixed media art & paintings. But that my textile work would be such a hit! I've been creating wrist warmers! What started out as my way of creating home-made Christmas gifts, turned into other people requesting my skills for themselves. I am over the moon excited!

I had one man from my husbands job call me with an order of four wrist warmers. He wanted them for his wife & daughters for Christmas. I told him he was one smart cookie for thinking ahead.
I am having fun making these & I created a dog security blankee for my Lil Bean (my granson) for Christmas. I have plans for my Lil Love (grandaughter) for a crown & royal cape. She has managed to swipe a pair of wrist warmers from me already. I mean how can ya say no when ya hear... "Nina! These are so cool, can ya make me a pair?" She chose a cream pair to go with all her outfits.

Like I said, I was surprised to see my textile art would be a hit. Now don't get me wrong, I know I can create art but to sell it is where the problem is with me.
This goes back to my childhood. Having spent an entire day painting my Mother a picture, to which I was extremely proud of all the hard work I put into it. To have her take one look at it and say "Hmmm that's nice." then she proceeded to crumble it up and throw it in the trash right in front of my face! Can ya imagine the pain I felt? To know her unspoken words tore into my lil childs heart. I never shared anything with her after that.

I love creating, Ya name it, I've probably done it. I'm self taught because when I was lil I had to wear braces from the hips down and couldn't go otuside to play. So I entertained myself with Crafts, Poetry and Art. My first quilt (doll size) I made when I was only 6 years old. To this day I still dabble with all kinds of creativeness.

So my first encounter with my art critic (my mother) Made me leary of what people think of my artwork. I've learned to wonder if people really like my work or are they just saying they like it to make me happy. But seeing how the simplest item I created is being wanted by people who don't know me well, is a sign that "POE, Ya can do it!"

I'm excited to say I've created these wrist warmers for 3 clients for a total of 13 sets. WOW, go me! I know it sounds simple, and that being an artist I'm supposed to be full of myself & declare "I'm the greatest artist of all time." Honestly, that's not in my nature. Don't get me wrong, I love what I create and bring to life. But to know others want what I've created brings me to a whole other level of being creative, and makes my heart soar!

To think that the promise I made myself would take flight in a direction I didn't even know it could. Is truly impressive. Which goes to show me, NEVER, EVER give up your dreams! Putting myself out there is a HUGE step in the right direction. So today I made some business cards and am charting my path to new heights. After all no dream is worth dreaming if ya not willing to see it through.

So do me a favor? Make ya dreams take flight! It's NEVER too late to see ya dreams come true.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daisy Yellow Challenge~Poetic Tea~

~Poetic Tea~
Prompt6ix #13 Challenge use the following... Ocean, Brown or Sepia, Tea Bag, Tiny Words, 5 Staples. (She forgot to add one more so she's calling this one Prompt5 lol)
I wrote the poem, and creating this art piece came to me quite quickly. I didn't use a real tea bag I made one. Thought that was much safer for me. lol
Hoep ya enjoying my challenges. I know I am. 

Daisy Yellow Challenge~ Spring Time~

~Spring Time~
Another Daisy Yellow Challenge, This one is #12 And I'm enjoying them.
I've only just started them & intend to go back & do the other ones I've missed out on. Of course it's never too late to join in.
This Challenge was to use the following...Mysterious, Winter, Snowman, Black & White, Rubber Stamp, Pencil.
My Poem uses some of the words needed. I used pencil in my stamps to color in wings & hair.
I'll be posting my next one soon. Enjoy~

Monday, March 25, 2013

Daisy Yellow Challenge~Blackbird~


Daisy Yellow Challenge
Here's where to find her...
Tammy aka Daisy Yellow is another wonderful & delightful  artist. When you visit her page
(see link above)
You'll be able to join in on the wonderful prompts she has. The art above, is from one of her chaallenges called Prompt6ix. Here's the link to the list of them. (right now we're on #12)
It's never too late to join us. Just start where you're at.
Now onto my artwork... We needed to use the following on our design, in any way we interperted the prompts.
Zig-Zag, Beatles Song, Purple, Junk Mail, Sign, Acrylic Paint
I decided on the Blackbird song from the Beatles. I wrote a few lines of the lyrics in a zig-zag fashion. Than went from there in designing my artwork. I was quite pleased with how it turned out and plan on framing it for my studio.
In case your wondering what piece was the junk mail, it's the blackbird.
I had fun creating this piece and was done in no time. Like I said before you're completely welcomed to join us in the challenges. We even have a Facebook Page where you can share your wonderful challenge results.
Here's the link to that also...
I hope you join us & if you do, Please tell her Poe sentcha her way. (No, I don't get anything out of you saying it. I just like to let her know, that I sentcha her way.)

Friday, December 7, 2012

~Poeception Arts~

 I finally decided it was time for me to put my art in the real world. Don't get me wrong. I've been sharing some of my work here & on my other blog
But I actually set up an Etsy shop & Facebook page for my creations. Now I haven't added anything of yet to my Etsy shop. When I do i'll post it here. I'm trying to get the hang of how each site works.
I also need to get some more items together before I can sell anything. I figured if I kept waiting to have the items & then set the sites up, I'll NEVER do it.
I made the commitment to quit just giving my art away. I have to be honest here & I've been yelled at a lot for this. When someone says they like my art & we're face to face, I just give it to them. I've ALWAYS been this way. I have to admit I have a giving heart. This can be a blessing & a curse. One because I can make someone happy with my art (blessing) But then again I'm not providing for my materials & making a living off what I love to do. (curse)
When I talked with a few of my art friends, they all agreed that there's nothing wrong with making a living off of my art. So I listened & I made up my mind I'm going to do it.
My one childhood dream was to have my art mean something when I create it. I wanted to be doing art full-time. Life had other plans & I set my dream aside. Now there isn't anything stopping me from having my dream come true. (except me)
My other dream is to have my Poetry published. I've been working on artwork to go with each poem I've written. My ultimate goal is to have this book provide funds for a Child Abuse Foundation. Having been a survivor of some horriffic abuse, I figured the least I could do was try & provide for the sweet babes out there who have no voice. Again I will keep you posted on that at a later time.
I just wanted you to know I'm working hard on getting my name out there. I've pimped alot of my art friends work to help them succeed in their dream. Now it's time for me to get my dream up & going.
I hope you visit my Facebook Page at
and hit like. I'll be updating it with more of my art work & information as to how I'm doing. I want to thank you for being a reader.
Peace, Love & Creativity,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mary ~ Serene Beauty


I have to apologise for the bad image of her.

I had scanned the 11 x14 canvas to show what I've been up to.

I've been having a love affair with the image of Mary lately. I think it's because of the journey I'm on right now. I've always been drawn to her but more so lately, because I'm going through RCIA & will be baptized this Easter.

Sad to say, this piece will be one I won't be keeping. I so fell in love with her, more because I was proud of how she turned out. She was created in acrylics and I gave her face an extra wash of skintone. This made her features seem more serene. I also like the fact that her features aren't so "out there". Having seen many images of Mary where I personally feel her features are all I can stare at. I wanted her to have a hint of them.

We all have our own vision of how Mary & Jesus look like. I personally like to create faceless people when I can. Almost like how the Amish do their dolls. I like the thought of people looking at a piece of my work & seeing what they feel is their image of Mary or Jesus. But because this is for a special friend "Sister Linda" I knew I had to add features.

I am dying to give it to her, yet I want to first have some prints made. One because I would love to have one for myself, so I can remember how well I did. Maybe use my technique again in another piece. Two, because I've been asked for a copy of it. Now I need to find a place who can make beautiful copies of her so I can maybe sell them.

I've been very busy working on some personal pieces and I'm in the middle of creating another Mary. This one will be for my Sponser Sister Bernadette, as a thank you gift. Her Mary is facing to the left & Looking upward. I'm praying I can do this one justice. Once she's complete I'll post images of her as well.

Wishing you...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

~Poeception~ Poe's Point Of View~


Definition: The knowledge gained from the process of coming to know or understand something. The ability to understand what happens when you're in the mind of me. Poe!

I do have another blog it's Lil Love Creations. I thought that would be my blog to share my artwork with others. It didn't actually happen that way. I did share some of my artwork, but I also shared some of my life, as well as gave some reviews for Gluten-Free items I received.

I decided with a new year approaching, and my starting some new and interesting artistic journeys I would create this blog for just that.

I'm not sure if you're aware of Effy Wild, she's offering a free class called "Book Of Days" Here are the links if ya'd like to take a look for yaself. In fact I hope you join me in the fun! We don't officially start till January 1, 2012.

Once you join she'll send ya the needed information to get ya started. There's also a Flicker site & a Facebook group for just us. Personally I think ya gonna have some fun. I know I can't wait!

Here are some other wonderful online classes I found that ya might be interested in.

Strathmore 2012 Online Workshop Series

I did last years workshop and learned from some wonderful teachers. When ya visit the link it'll letcha know what teachers are teaching & what their workshop is about.

Jan Fox Designs

Jan is doing a online fun project called 52 PlayDates.

Darcy from Art and Sole

is having a
2012 Postcard Challenge

Now Darcy put a wild spin on this postcard challenge, which I found quite interesting. I would hope you check it out & if interested join in.

I plan on using this Blog to introduce, or as Poe likes to say "PIMP" my friends artwork & classes out. I've always been the type of person who loves supporting my friends hopes & dreams. (I'm just not good at pimping my own hopes & dreams)

I love being able to help them find people who are interested in learning and pointing them in their direction. This is why I chose to make this particular blog.

I will share my artwork with ya as well. Considering I am involved with all the above classes.

I really hope one of these classes intriques ya and makes ya art heart sing.

Please let them know POE sentcha.


Just so ya know I don't receive any payments, discounts, or goodies, etc... from pimping these classes. Like I said I enjoy supporting my friends and seeing them succeed in their dreams.

If by chance ya know of any future classes, or and interesting artists please don't hesitate to let me know I'll pimp them as well. I love to get to know people and I'm an equal opportunity pimper!