Friday, December 7, 2012

~Poeception Arts~

 I finally decided it was time for me to put my art in the real world. Don't get me wrong. I've been sharing some of my work here & on my other blog
But I actually set up an Etsy shop & Facebook page for my creations. Now I haven't added anything of yet to my Etsy shop. When I do i'll post it here. I'm trying to get the hang of how each site works.
I also need to get some more items together before I can sell anything. I figured if I kept waiting to have the items & then set the sites up, I'll NEVER do it.
I made the commitment to quit just giving my art away. I have to be honest here & I've been yelled at a lot for this. When someone says they like my art & we're face to face, I just give it to them. I've ALWAYS been this way. I have to admit I have a giving heart. This can be a blessing & a curse. One because I can make someone happy with my art (blessing) But then again I'm not providing for my materials & making a living off what I love to do. (curse)
When I talked with a few of my art friends, they all agreed that there's nothing wrong with making a living off of my art. So I listened & I made up my mind I'm going to do it.
My one childhood dream was to have my art mean something when I create it. I wanted to be doing art full-time. Life had other plans & I set my dream aside. Now there isn't anything stopping me from having my dream come true. (except me)
My other dream is to have my Poetry published. I've been working on artwork to go with each poem I've written. My ultimate goal is to have this book provide funds for a Child Abuse Foundation. Having been a survivor of some horriffic abuse, I figured the least I could do was try & provide for the sweet babes out there who have no voice. Again I will keep you posted on that at a later time.
I just wanted you to know I'm working hard on getting my name out there. I've pimped alot of my art friends work to help them succeed in their dream. Now it's time for me to get my dream up & going.
I hope you visit my Facebook Page at
and hit like. I'll be updating it with more of my art work & information as to how I'm doing. I want to thank you for being a reader.
Peace, Love & Creativity,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mary ~ Serene Beauty


I have to apologise for the bad image of her.

I had scanned the 11 x14 canvas to show what I've been up to.

I've been having a love affair with the image of Mary lately. I think it's because of the journey I'm on right now. I've always been drawn to her but more so lately, because I'm going through RCIA & will be baptized this Easter.

Sad to say, this piece will be one I won't be keeping. I so fell in love with her, more because I was proud of how she turned out. She was created in acrylics and I gave her face an extra wash of skintone. This made her features seem more serene. I also like the fact that her features aren't so "out there". Having seen many images of Mary where I personally feel her features are all I can stare at. I wanted her to have a hint of them.

We all have our own vision of how Mary & Jesus look like. I personally like to create faceless people when I can. Almost like how the Amish do their dolls. I like the thought of people looking at a piece of my work & seeing what they feel is their image of Mary or Jesus. But because this is for a special friend "Sister Linda" I knew I had to add features.

I am dying to give it to her, yet I want to first have some prints made. One because I would love to have one for myself, so I can remember how well I did. Maybe use my technique again in another piece. Two, because I've been asked for a copy of it. Now I need to find a place who can make beautiful copies of her so I can maybe sell them.

I've been very busy working on some personal pieces and I'm in the middle of creating another Mary. This one will be for my Sponser Sister Bernadette, as a thank you gift. Her Mary is facing to the left & Looking upward. I'm praying I can do this one justice. Once she's complete I'll post images of her as well.

Wishing you...