Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daisy Yellow Challenge~Poetic Tea~

~Poetic Tea~
Prompt6ix #13 Challenge use the following... Ocean, Brown or Sepia, Tea Bag, Tiny Words, 5 Staples. (She forgot to add one more so she's calling this one Prompt5 lol)
I wrote the poem, and creating this art piece came to me quite quickly. I didn't use a real tea bag I made one. Thought that was much safer for me. lol
Hoep ya enjoying my challenges. I know I am. 

Daisy Yellow Challenge~ Spring Time~

~Spring Time~
Another Daisy Yellow Challenge, This one is #12 And I'm enjoying them.
I've only just started them & intend to go back & do the other ones I've missed out on. Of course it's never too late to join in.
This Challenge was to use the following...Mysterious, Winter, Snowman, Black & White, Rubber Stamp, Pencil.
My Poem uses some of the words needed. I used pencil in my stamps to color in wings & hair.
I'll be posting my next one soon. Enjoy~

Monday, March 25, 2013

Daisy Yellow Challenge~Blackbird~


Daisy Yellow Challenge
Here's where to find her...http://daisyyellowart.com/
Tammy aka Daisy Yellow is another wonderful & delightful  artist. When you visit her page
(see link above)
You'll be able to join in on the wonderful prompts she has. The art above, is from one of her chaallenges called Prompt6ix. Here's the link to the list of them. (right now we're on #12)
It's never too late to join us. Just start where you're at.
Now onto my artwork... We needed to use the following on our design, in any way we interperted the prompts.
Zig-Zag, Beatles Song, Purple, Junk Mail, Sign, Acrylic Paint
I decided on the Blackbird song from the Beatles. I wrote a few lines of the lyrics in a zig-zag fashion. Than went from there in designing my artwork. I was quite pleased with how it turned out and plan on framing it for my studio.
In case your wondering what piece was the junk mail, it's the blackbird.
I had fun creating this piece and was done in no time. Like I said before you're completely welcomed to join us in the challenges. We even have a Facebook Page where you can share your wonderful challenge results.
Here's the link to that also...https://www.facebook.com/groups/daisyyellow/
I hope you join us & if you do, Please tell her Poe sentcha her way. (No, I don't get anything out of you saying it. I just like to let her know, that I sentcha her way.)