Thursday, December 29, 2011

~Poeception~ Poe's Point Of View~


Definition: The knowledge gained from the process of coming to know or understand something. The ability to understand what happens when you're in the mind of me. Poe!

I do have another blog it's Lil Love Creations. I thought that would be my blog to share my artwork with others. It didn't actually happen that way. I did share some of my artwork, but I also shared some of my life, as well as gave some reviews for Gluten-Free items I received.

I decided with a new year approaching, and my starting some new and interesting artistic journeys I would create this blog for just that.

I'm not sure if you're aware of Effy Wild, she's offering a free class called "Book Of Days" Here are the links if ya'd like to take a look for yaself. In fact I hope you join me in the fun! We don't officially start till January 1, 2012.

Once you join she'll send ya the needed information to get ya started. There's also a Flicker site & a Facebook group for just us. Personally I think ya gonna have some fun. I know I can't wait!

Here are some other wonderful online classes I found that ya might be interested in.

Strathmore 2012 Online Workshop Series

I did last years workshop and learned from some wonderful teachers. When ya visit the link it'll letcha know what teachers are teaching & what their workshop is about.

Jan Fox Designs

Jan is doing a online fun project called 52 PlayDates.

Darcy from Art and Sole

is having a
2012 Postcard Challenge

Now Darcy put a wild spin on this postcard challenge, which I found quite interesting. I would hope you check it out & if interested join in.

I plan on using this Blog to introduce, or as Poe likes to say "PIMP" my friends artwork & classes out. I've always been the type of person who loves supporting my friends hopes & dreams. (I'm just not good at pimping my own hopes & dreams)

I love being able to help them find people who are interested in learning and pointing them in their direction. This is why I chose to make this particular blog.

I will share my artwork with ya as well. Considering I am involved with all the above classes.

I really hope one of these classes intriques ya and makes ya art heart sing.

Please let them know POE sentcha.


Just so ya know I don't receive any payments, discounts, or goodies, etc... from pimping these classes. Like I said I enjoy supporting my friends and seeing them succeed in their dreams.

If by chance ya know of any future classes, or and interesting artists please don't hesitate to let me know I'll pimp them as well. I love to get to know people and I'm an equal opportunity pimper!


  1. Aww thankyou honey, really want to get ppl in from the start as so many feel its hard to catch up once a course/challenge begins. Of course they can join in anytime, but i do think it puts them off if they join late, so pimp away like mad hahaha

    big squishy hugs xxx